Breeding Groups Finalized

Well, I can finally say it, my breeding plans are pretty much set in stone now.
On Saturday I sent my two BFL rams off to other farms. Our white BFL ram, Dougal, was in with our two BFL ewes for three weeks. He is now at home in Terri Drimel's flock. Our natural colored BFL ram, Granite, was pulled from his group of five ewes and is being leased to Kimberwood in trade for the services of Kimberwood Harrison.

I put Kimberwood Harrison in with 6 ewes this weekend. I got home with Harrison after dark and had to move the BFL ewes out of the breeding pen and back into the pole building before I could let Harrison out. Of course I didn't want him to be all alone the first night, so I was glad that our unregistered Shetland ewe, Mabeline and her yearling Shetland Mule daughter followed me out into the dark and then had the good sense to respond to the alfalfa hay I used to lure them into the breeding pen.
Harrison was reticent to leave the dog kennel at first, so I just left him in there with the door open. It wasn't long before he got the scent of EWES and jumped into action. Much to poor Mabeline's dismay.Sunday morning I added Bramble Cordelia (F1 Minder fawn katmoget), River Oaks Hannah (F2 Holly, moorit), and her twin sister River Oaks Hattie (black smirslet), Hattie's 2008 ewe lamb, Leonie (moorit/fawn).

Yes, I decided to breed my two Shetland ewe lambs after all. Using them will increase my chances for a moorit gulmoget lamb next year. I've decided to put River Oaks Lana (black gulmoget 2008 Harrison daughter) in with River Oaks Bo (moorit krunet F3 Minder with aberrant horns). Sorry no recent photos of Bo...this one is from August.We are not exposing the Shetland Mule ewe lambs or the BFL ewe lambs this year.
River Oaks McIntire will be leaving for his new home in a day or two. I think he is one of our best ram lambs ever born here. So I'm glad he'll be close by in case I want to buy one of his ram lambs someday. I'd like to get some better photos of him before he goes.Hopefully, McIntire will be taking his other two half brothers along with him for company. :-))
They were destined for slaughter due to their tight horns. I was tempted to wether the mioget one with the wooly poll and cheeks. But it looks like someone else may do it instead.
That will leave Bo as the only Shetland ram left here. And I think he will be okay with my polled boys since his horns are so small. He's got great fleece and a nice little tail. I'll probably use him as a clean up ram after Harrison leaves. Then Granite will be the clean up ram for the BFLs and the yearling Shetland Mules.

There, that sounds like a plan! Let's hope the girls agree with it. :-)


  1. The best laid plans of shepherds...let us know how it works out. :-)

  2. Do you think that the mioget ram could be a poll carrier? Also hope you get a moorit gulmoget ewe lamb!


  3. Yes, my girls have a way of waiting for the right ram to come along - not necessarily the one I choose. LOL

    Yes, I think the mioget could be a poll carrier. I've kept his mother (and her twin sister). Hopefully I'll get a polled ram breeding them to Harrison. Harrison has flat button scurs.


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