More Fresh Snow!

We woke up to lots of fresh snow this morning. I took out a ruler and measured 11" of snow on the deck table when I went out to feed the sheep. We've had at least another inch since then. I have to work at 3 o'cock this afternoon, so I hope it stops by then. Fortunately it's light fluffy stuff, easy to shovel. Stan shoveled a bit and went to work this morning at 9. The propane truck came shortly afterward with our minimum fill delivery - ouch! Even with a 20 cents a gallon price drop, that propane is costly this year! Thank goodness we supplement with wood.
Ozzie helps me with chores every morning, I stopped to get this photo of him and Harrison's breeding group this morning.
Above is a photo of the heated 5 gallon water bucket in Harrison's breeding pen. I have four of these going in the various sheep pens. Yes, I do keep water available to my sheep even with all the snow. Some days they don't drink much at all, but other days they really go for it. I'm looking forward to breaking up the breeding groups soon and just having two pens of sheep for the rest of the winter.

My goal this winter is to keep this slider door in the pole barn operational all winter. I picked away at it last week and got it working again, but as you can see, the snow came right in last night. I shoveled it right away and closed the door. I'll open it back up before I leave for work this afternoon. I figure if I make sure to open and close the slider every day, I can keep it working all year.

I just found the information about the Indianhead (WI) Sheep Breeder's Association's Shepherd's Clinic for 2009, I am very excited to see that Woody Lane will be the featured speaker. I've had the pleasure of hearing him speak before and I know he's very knowledgeable and entertaining. I'm definitely going to the ISSBA Shepherd's Clinic again this year! Even though it's always scheduled the same weekend as Mora's big Vasaloppet Ski Race and our annual art show. Not to mention the weather can be downright nasty that time of year. But it's really worthwhile to go. They always serve a delicious lamb lunch and have an auction (which is lots of fun) in addition to the shepherding classes offered.


  1. Love the picture of Ozzie peppered with snow! I hope the drive to and from work is uneventful.

  2. Thanks, I got lucky and my husband drove me in to work and picked me up! We work at the same store now so it worked out well. He came home late for lunch and I rode back in with him. The snowplow didn't come down our dead-end road until about 11 p.m. There must have been 13-14" total here, thankfully it was light and fluffy stuff.

  3. Yes...this is the lovely snow that prevented us from getting home yesterday to be able to go to work last night lol. We were down in Benson at Denny's moms. Roads were rough driving today yet...Took an hour or so longer to get home than usual.


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