Merry Christmas!

All the gang here is Wishing you a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanuka or whatever holiday you may be celebrating.

Starting with our mama Kitty...the ewe lambs...Beechtree Lanora...
Elsa's Shetland Mule ewe lamb - Elsie (or is it Emmy?)
The polled boys...The Shetland flock matron, Bramble Cordelia..Guest ram, Kimberwood Harrison...
Bo and Lana...
Jemma's Shetland Mule ewe lamb...and Ozzie...


  1. You should use that last photo of Ozzie in a Christmas card form! :) Merry Christmas to you too :)

  2. Nice looking bunch of friends you got there. Merry Christmas!

  3. You've got a bunch of good looking critters 'round your place. :-)

    Happy Holidays!


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