Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Haying and Horns

Well, I finally got a chance to get back here and post! The Garden Tour demo went well last Saturday. It got me determined to gear up for next week's solo booth at the Pine City Art Festival. So much to do before then!

Tonight we stacked the first load of our 2006 hay crop in the pole barn over at the land. Our portion was 115 bales from the front field. We will get lots more from the back field which has more grasses that the sheep prefer.
It was hot and humid today, but apparently the worst is yet to come. They say we could be in the triple digits this weekend. Oh I hate to think of the sheep in the heat! Especially when I'll be away doing a booth at the Pine City Arts Festival. It's my first time there and I was hoping for a good turnout. If the weather is that hot, I'm sure the crowd will be smaller.
And imagine trying to sell wool yarn, hats, mittens, etc. in that kind of heat. Oh well, at least I'll get to advertise my sheep for sale that day.

I took a few photos of the sheep on Sunday. Poor Ace has broken off both his horns now. He just has two 1/2" cores left now. I'm not sure if this means he carries at least one polled gene or not. He's such a great looking ram lamb in every other way...HST, moorit single coat...I'll have to keep an eye on those horns.

Also, our Bluefaced Leicesters finally have names! I am proud to introduce Beechtree Dougal, our ram (in front in the photo) and Beechtree Lanora, our ewe (in back). They are such wonderful sheep, with fantastic fleece. And did I mention that BFLs wag their tails when petted too?

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