Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'm Jumping in Too!

Well, I guess I will jump in the water with the rest of you and start my own blog! After reading the posts and seeing the photos posted by my friends, I'm thinking this might indeed be an easier way to share events in my life and on my little farm rather than updating my website all the time.
I have lots of nice shetland sheep to show off (see photo of River Oaks Ace, what a sweetie he is!) and some nice poultry too. My most recent additions to the farm are two bluefaced leicesters, names are still being determined. They are the most docile sheep I've met so far. And their fleece is exquisite! The only problem is they will get quite BIG in adulthood, we'll have to wait and see how that goes... this fall I plan to cross some of my shetland ewes with my Bluefaced Leicester ram for some hardy lambs with great fleece next spring.
I'm in the process of getting ready to do the Art in the Garden Tour on Saturday, July 8th here in Mora, MN. The event is put on by the Kanabec History Center and is basically a tour of 5-6 local gardens in their mid-summer glory. A few years ago, the History Center decided that having local artists in the gardens would add interest to the tour. This is my first year participating as an artist. I plan to have my wax resist eggs, fiber, handknit, and felted items on display while I spin in the garden, doesn't that sound wonderful? I'm hoping we have good weather that day.

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  1. Welcome to Blogdom, Becky!
    I'm looking forward to 'seeing' what's going on at Riveroaks.


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