Sunday, November 21, 2010

Felting Video from Sticks and Stones

Finally!  I can link you all to a video of my felting demo at Sticks and Stones this past September.
My son is a videographer.  He filmed my booth the first day of the festival and condensed it down into this short video...

I think it's so cool to see the variety of people and ages working side by side experiencing the magic of making felt!

I got 26 pounds of wool batts back from Zeilinger's last week.  They did an excellent job as usual. I've been dyeing Finn top in the crock pots (above) and today I'm felting a Bluefaced Leicester/Tencel blend.  The Vikings are just too hard to watch this year.


  1. What a fun video! Congratulations to Matt for such professional work. And your felting class looks like a BLAST! Watching those kids just made me SMILE! It looks like everyone had a good time and made some lovely felt while they were at it! Good job Becky!

  2. Great video! I sent my fleeces to Zeilingers this week so I am really excited about seeing how they turn out, especially seeing your picture in this post. Looks great! I think I'll call them before Christmas to see what the status is and make sure it doesn't all end up on my doorstep while I am out.

  3. Thanks Nancy! I'll tell Matt what you wrote, I was very happy with his work. About 65 people made felt that weekend. I was exhasted but seeing their faces and hearing their comments made it all worthwhile. Everyone got a 1/4 piece of their pre-felt to take home and I kept the rest of it. I still have several pieces to make another rug or maybe even two. I really have to go on a diet!

  4. Thanks Claire,I hope your fiber comes back quickly. I always have them call me for my credit card number and when they do, I get an estimate on how long it will be. Once I called in to check on a shipment of combed top and it was already done! They do runs by color and mine just happened to arrive at the exact right moment. They are so nice there too, if I were you I would just give them a quick call and find out your timeline, especially with the holidays coming up.


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