Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dyed Batts and BFL/Tencel Fabric

I've been dyeing again.  I love taking the wool out of the crock pot and seeing what has happened to it.  I love the unexpected colorways that are created when colors "split".

This is the BFL/Tencel blend felted into a lightweight sheer fabric, it's soft enough for scarves, but I may make another length of matching fabric so I can try making a flowing jacket from this. I love the luster!

These are both 9 1/4 oz batts of Shetland Mule fiber (50/50 BFL and Shetland).  The teal on right is much prettier than the photo suggests, it reminds me of northern lights. The multi-colored on on the left was just an attempt to use up the leftover dye in two crockpots (as is the fabric at the top of this post).  It's very pretty in real life too.  These Mule batts were a bit coarser than my other batts and I had planned to use them for bags, hats, slippers,etc.

I may start selling some of the dyed batts.  They are super easy to felt.  I was going to keep them all for felting myself, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the fiber on hand these days.

And I've still got several pounds of Shetland wool to be sent in for processing.  I'll probably just go with roving rather than more felting batts. 


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