Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living in a Small Town

Who would have thought that bringing my husband into the hospital for a colonoscopy yesterday would have brought in some extra money?

First of all, one of the workers in the surgery department bought a tanned pelt from me at the craft fair this past weekend and after getting it home she decided she wanted the more expensive full fleece pelt instead. So I brought it in for her when I came back to pick up Stan. 

Then when I went into the recovery area to get Stan, a nurse stopped me in the hall and forced $20 into my hand - saying that years ago (probably around 2004?), she had been undercharged for some Ukrainian egg decorating supplies by my friend's daughter who was minding the  little shop we had in town back then.  Oh my gosh, isn't that amazing??? 

I have to say, it's really nice to live in a small town with good people. 

Oh, and to top it all off, Stan's colon was clean as a whistle and he's good to go another 10 years! :-)


  1. Can't have a better day than that, now can you?

  2. Ah, yes you two are right. Today was good too. I managed to clear the bedding away so I can close the pole barn's sliding door again and I got 26 pounds of wool back from Zeilinger's! They did a beautiful job, as usual. Turnaround time was 6 weeks, including transit time. Tomorrow I will dye and felt!

  3. That's just great, Becky! Glad Stan is healthy too.


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