Lambing is done!

Oh how nice to only lamb out six ewes! 

Leonie had a big beautiful moorit ram lamb around 7 last night. His fleece looks like it will be really nice. He has leathery patches at the horn sites, so I suppose he will be scurred at the very least.  And now we are done for the year. Final numbers are six ewe lambs, two ram lambs.

Six Shetland lambs:  5 ewes and 1 ram lamb; 3 moorit, 2 black and a grey.
Two Bluefaced Leicester lambs: one white ram and a natural colored ewe.

I should have 8 market lambs coming from my Ile de France ram and the Mule ewe trades I made last fall.  So there should be meat for the freezer too.


  1. I agree, fewer ewes lambing makes life much easier! Congrats on all the ewe lambs and the nice colors. :-)

  2. Thanks Terri, now we can concentrate on getting ready for our Shepherd's Harvest (me) and Llama Magic you)booths this weekend. See you there!


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