Shepherd's Harvest this Weekend!

I can't believe it's already Shepherd's Harvest weekend!  My booth is in Building D on the north end in the middle isle on the east side, third booth from the end.  I'll have a helper watching my booth until noon on Saturday due to a scheduling conflict with a presentation I have to make for my latest grant application. How come everything always happens at the same time?

I dug out several sheepskins I had done over the winter.  They are washable 3/4 BFL pelts in full fleece and they are SO soft.  Three are white and one is charcoal black. I also have a beautiful Moorit Shetland pelt and some shearling pelts in white and English Blue grey (BFL).

I made several batches of lotion the other day while keeping an eye on Leonie's labor. Their scents match my homemade milk soaps. 
And of course, I have Shetland and BFL roving and top in white and natural colors, washed BFL locks, white Shetland Mule combed top and some large 45 x 72" felting/quilting batts made from Shetland Mule fiber.

I set up last evening and had to drive home in the rain which turned to SNOW as I got further north.  The ground is covered with snow this morning, but the lambs don't mind a bit. The good news is the sun will be out for the weekend.  Stop by my booth if you're at the festival!


  1. Oh how I wish I was going there and would see you, Becky! Unfortunately, now is not a good time for me. I do so miss you and all of my other sheepy friends "up Nort". ;-) I wish you a fun and profitable weekend. I should have a couple of lambs within the next hour or so. That should keep me busy this weekend...

  2. Becky - that's a nice display box you have for your soap. My daughter fell in love with your lotion when she visited me. I will have to get some for her. I am still home sick. I am so sad that I am missing this weekend! I hope it went well for you!

  3. HEY! Where's the comment I left this morning??? I know I left one.


    I SAID that I will miss seeing you (once again) at Shepherd's Harvest. I was planning on going but my stupid medical problem is acting up again and I just couldn't handle the trip. I hope you have a great weekend and sell everything that you want to sell! Are you taking any of your art work?

  4. Nancy I hope your lambs are just what you wished for! Sorry you two weren't feeling well enough today to go to Shepherd's Harvest today - as usual, it was COLD! From what they told me, things were fairly quiet in the morning before I got there, but they really picked up at noon. I sold a fleece and quite a bit of combed top, roving and BFL locks. I met some blog readers, that was so cool! It's a lot of work getting everything ready for these things, but it's so invigorating talking to all the people and seeing other people's stuff for sale.

    I have to wait until Monday to hear what the grant review panel decided on my grant application. They sure weren't rough on me at all during the presentation. It was actually quite FUN to tell them about my work and my plans, but 10 minutes goes by WAY TOO FAST.

    I've got comment moderation on here due to some spamming problems a while back. Maybe I should lift it for a while and see how things go, I much prefer instant comments.


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