Hattie's Lambs

Well, it's shaping up to be a ewe lamb year for us this year!  Hattie had a nice set of twin ewe lambs this afternoon. A little moorit and an Ag grey with a krunet.

The sugar lips on the black lamb aren't showing real well in the photo. But I knew as soon as she got licked off a little that she got her dad's Ag gene and will lighten to gray in adulthood - just like her grandma, Bramble Hetty.

She was such a chunk I was worried that she was a single...her tummy seemed like it was already full.
Fortunately the little moorit came along without much fanfare.  She was born fully enclosed in the sack with the water and all. Hattie didn't even seem to notice her as she was preoccupied with the firstborn.. I quickly wriggled the second one out of the sack, wiped off her face and waited for mom to do the rest.
This little moorit lamb was pretty active right from the start, getting to her feet and looking for the teat while still mostly covered in fluids.

So Greyson has sired five lambs so far, all ewes. With the two BFL lambs, our lamb count is six ewes and only one ram lamb.  One more ewe left to deliver.  That's Leonie, Hattie's daughter.  Last year she lambed while I was at Shepherd's Harvest. I hope she doesn't plan a repeat performance of that!

I put four Shetland goose eggs in the incubator this morning. I should know within a week if any are fertile or not.  It was a good day!


  1. Congratulations again Becky. Nice to have ewe lambs,isn't it, Thanks to Garrett and the genetic notes he left I now understand AG, Sugar lips and krunet. Nice to educated.

  2. Thanks Kathy, I'm glad Garrett left you those notes! You have a beautiful flock of Shetlands with all kinds of markings, now you'll know how what to call them. LOL


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