Back Up and Running

My website is back up again and my regular email is working. Any email that was sent to my regular address between Jan. 29th and this morning is lost forever in cyber space. Oh well, I hope there wasn't anything important in there.

I took several felt pieces down to be professionally photographed on Saturday. The thing is, some of them were my entries for the art show which starts on Friday morning this week. It's a good thing I do the title cards and can change my entries right up until the last minute. :-)

It's so hard to photograph the wool paintings. I hope the photographer can do it successfully.

I was going to enter an acid-etched emu egg in the Foot in the Door exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on Saturday also. But when I found out there was a TWO HOUR wait just to drop it off, I decided to forget it about it. There will be another exhibit in 10 years and maybe I'll have a felt piece to show then. The stipulation is that the work has to be less than 12" in any direction, so each Minnesota artist gets one cubic foot of space to show their work. The emu egg with stand was only about 9" tall. I would love to do more wax-resist acid etching. I've got rhea, goose, ostrich and lots of home grown goose eggs and dark brown chicken eggs to work on if I ever find the time.

I can't believe how many people brought work to show! From what I heard, they had a two hour wait time Thursday and Friday too. I wonder if Sunday went any faster. Oh well, I'm going to try and get down there to see the show when it opens in a few weeks.

Okay, after I feed the sheep, it's back to work on the title cards for the Vasaloppet Art Show that opens on Friday...

We're getting some snow too, nothing like what the poor people on the east coast had to deal with, but enough to keep our youngest son here another day until the driving conditions improve and get me in the mood to make some homemade pumpkin pies...


  1. The egg is beautiful! You are so talented Becky. I'm glad your internet/website is running again!

  2. Thanks Terri. I'm glad the email and website is working again too. I switched web hosts, so hopefully that will be my last time dealing with a mess like that. In reading over my post, I didn't make it clear that I drove all the way down to the MIA, parked on the narrow snow-filled street, climbed through a snow bank to get to the sidewalk, walked two blocks, through the courtyard to the Target Wing, up two flights of stairs and got in line. Then the gal in front me told me it was a two hour wait. I still had to get over to St. Paul and drop off my work with the photographer, so I made the call to forget the whole thing. Then I almost took out a bicyclist as I was leaving. I couldn't believe he was bicycling on those NARROW city streets covered with snow. It still scares me to think about it. I really detest being in the city -- dealing with traffic and waiting in lines. And that reminds me, I also visited a friend that day and we went out to dinner, but had to wait 35 minutes for a table. At least we were fortunate to find a seat while we waited. I'm just SO glad I don't live down there.


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