Art Show today

Well, it was nip and tuck, but I managed to get my four felt entries framed and wired and to the show on time -- okay, I was 10 minutes late, but it was close enough for all concerned. This year's show has about 150 pieces of work and 42 area artists displaying work. My felted sheep portrait was placed in the best spot of the show with its own spot light even. :-)

I had to race home to make a few last minute title card changes and help frame up a dear old friend's work. With the poor driving conditions this past week, she wasn't able to get her work ready. She was going to stay home, but we begged her to bring in what she had and we took it from there.

Our scurred shaela ram, Sebastian, was returned from his breeding season lease during my little break from the art show. The poor guy was getting pummeled by all three of our boys. In only a matter of minutes of headbutting with his 1/2 brother Greyson, his horn stump was bleeding so I got out the tight pen one more time. They are all snug inside with hay and water now. I'll leave them like that until tomorrow.

The local newspaper came to the art show this afternoon and did a video clip of the show. If you have time to see a quick little ad for the local hospital at the beginning, you can see some of the work in the show. I did a short interview which is at the end of the clip. I'm standing in front of the felt pieces I entered. It's difficult to hear what I'm saying, but at least you can see my work pretty well. Here's a link:

I will head back to the show for the gallery tour at 7 p.m. and this time I won't forget the camera.

This weekend I'm taking a class on making Ojibwe Mittens up in Onamia, MN. I can hardly wait! Better bring the camera for that too. :-)


  1. Thanks for providing the link, Becky! Which of your pieces won? I'm so glad that you're being recognized for your beautiful artwork!

    A little, tiny bit nervous during that interview???


    It was good to "see" you!


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