Still plodding along through winter

I'm upset that the carder reader on my computer has gone out again and I can't upload the lastest photos of the sheep.  I replaced the reader a few years ago and had ordered a new one when this same thing happened last fall.  The card was on back order for weeks and then suddenly, mysteriously, mine started working again so I canceled the order.  Well this time I'm thinking a whole NEW computer is in order!

Our shearing is scheduled for March 8th, bright and early.  I'm feeling sorry for the girls already thinking of how shocking it will be for them to lose all that warm wool in only about two weeks. But I've tried lambing in full fleece and there's no doubt in my mind that shearing before lambing is the way to go.  I need to know well in advance of lambing what kind of condition they're in under all that wool.  Our two older BFL ewes look to be making bags already and they aren't due until mid April.  I am crossing my fingers for multiples from them this year, but surely nothing can beat the lambing season Carol Densmore had with her BFLs this year. 

I just can't believe how fast the winter has sped by. We've enjoyed perfect winter weather in February this year. Highs in the 20s and even a couple 30s, lots of sunshine and enough snow cover to keep things like a Christmas card.  Yes, life has been good this winter!  But in true Minnesota style, I have to wonder if we'll pay for the nice weather by enduring the cold nasty stuff in April when the lambs start coming.

With the art show history and the Shepherd's Harvest booklet layout coming up next week, I've enjoyed a bit of respite from my volunteer responsibilities. I got the taxes filed and was presently surprised at how much we are getting back this year as a refund. Paying the big bucks for our youngest son's college has some added benefits after all!  He'll be done with his coursework next month.  I just hope he can find a job. He's been taking Digital and Video Editing and has been interning at Fox9News here in Minnesota.

About a month ago I was talking to my mom on the phone when she mentioned seeing Matt in a commercial. I thought oh no, he's not in a commercial, it must be someone else.  But she swore it was definitely my Matt. Of course, being a guy, he never even mentioned this to his own mother! After weeks of watching for the commercial at the wrong time of day, I finally got to see it last week during a re-run of "The Office".  Yup, it's him all right, walking by in the background carrying a board.  Well, that was pretty cool after all. :-)


  1. So funny, Becky, what perspective you have. We've had a February from #*@%" here in Ohio, with basically the same weather conditions; snow on the ground the whole month, with highs in the 20s and a few 30s. LOL But of course, our normal high in late Feb is 45.

  2. Becky...funny story about your son not telling you about the commercial. My son was best-man in his friends wedding their first year of college and happened to mention it to me when he came home for the holidays!

    Still shaking the lamb clouds out of my head. Back to work today and on to a consistent schedule with barn checks and feedings. Maybe some more sleep too! Hopefully :-)

  3. Becky, the MN winter has come East and we don't want it. Please take it back.
    Don't you just love having those college kids? They keep us poor but life is interesting!


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