Quick Update

There is so much going on lately, it's hard to keep up. My email and website are still down, it's been 5 days now! I may have to look into a different ISP, because when this one goes down there's no communication, all I can do is leave a message and wait to see when it finally comes back in operation.
I've set up a another blog for our local art association, the Kanabec County Art Association. You'll see the link in my blog list on the right. Our annual art show is coming up next weekend, February 12 to 14th. I take the registrations and do up the show brochures and title cards.  So far we have 36 artists and 128 pieces of work registererd! 
Here's a link to the KCAA blog:
I hope to post photos of the show and the results of the viewer's survey that we do each year.
I've got to get in gear and finish up my own felted art pieces and get them matted and framed. So much to do!
The sheep are all doing fine, but I need to get Sebastian home soon. That will likely disrupt the boys for a few days. 
I called the shearer and asked for a mid-March shearing date. Now I need to ship LAST year's washed fleeces in for processing.  A year passes by so quickly!


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