I got called back to work on the U.S. Census again! It will be so nice to make some decent money this fall. Last spring was pretty hectic trying to work full time on the census while lambing and dealing with physical problems, but this fall should be a piece of cake. This assignment is only supposed to last about 8 weeks, so the weather shouldn't be an issue.

The first thing I'm going to do is send in my 2009 fleeces for processing. That will clear out a big section of my wool room. And now I'm thinking I can afford to book a flight out to the Black Sheep Gathering for June 2010. I'm hoping to make it a family trip after seeing the beautiful photos of the Oregon coastline on Tammy's blog. A trip out to Oregon and then down to San Francisco would be a great way to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.

Other good news is that I got another one of those wooden sheep feeders from the auction. Actually a friend bought it for me for only $10 this time! I'll bet that person doesn't bring any more to sell at that price. Anyway, now Stan only has to make me two more. :-)


  1. Great news, Becky; good for you! It would be wonderful to meet you along with Garrett at BSG 2010, and I can't recommend the Oregon coast highly enough.

  2. Congrats on the job Becky! Things always work out for you. It must be your good karma... ;-)

  3. Thanks Michelle and Terri! I've been hoping to get out there and meet the western Shetland breeders and see their sheep for quite some time. Since BSG 2010 is the place for the national BFL show AND the NASSA AGM, that has got to be the year I get out there. Family trip or sheep friends trip, I'm so excited to go.

  4. So glad you will be at BSG 2010. see you there!


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