Yes, I know....

I've been neglecting the blog lately.  It's just that my card reader hasn't worked for weeks and I can't upload photos to my hard drive.  I ordered a replacement 9-in-1 card reader card almost TWO weeks ago. It was supposed to be here in 3-4 days - but now I found out it won't even get shipped out until Oct. 3rd.  Grrrrrr!
I've already replaced that card reader once before, I'm not happy about doing it again.

Things have been really busy here with the census work, the Sticks & Stones Art event this past weekend, and trying to keep up with the garden - there are TOMATOES everywhere.  We had frost warnings last night, so I picked all the green peppers and tomatoes and brought in the flowering plants that I will winter over. 

I love the Brandywine tomatoes because they are so big, my mom says they're like boxing gloves, and they keep producing right up to the frost.  It will take weeks for all the little green tomoatoes to ripen indoors, so we'll have plenty for BLT's and salads well into November.

I canned tomato juice and spaghetti sauce this year. My food processor broke, so I couldn't make my annual batch of  zucchini relish.  I'm still picking raspberries every day -- gotta love those ever-bearing plants!  I just freeze them so I can make my jam closer to Christmas time.

This morning I subbed for  pre-school, then ran over to the local auction and got a tray-type sheep feeder. This one doesn't have a hay rack. I didn't go high enough to get the one with a hay rack. Darn!

I've created a sales blog,  If you get a chance and need some sheep with friendly personalities and wonderful fleece, be sure to check it out.  I'm especially hoping to find homes for Opal and Lavender, both are beautiful BFL cross ewe lambs.


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