Tuesday, September 08, 2009

1954 Sheep Movie

Someone posted this link on the Sheep Producer's Forum today. It's to a classic 1954 sheep video on you-tube. I thought those of you raising sheep might be interested in checking out the way Suffolks, Southdowns, and Hamps looked 55 years ago. Now I don't feel so bad about the plump ones in my flock. :-)



  1. thank you for this link, Becky! I really enjoyed it.

  2. Did you notice how all the breeds looked shorter? I wonder why they have bred the sheep taller over the years? I really like those Border Cheviots. And at the end of the video, the narrator mentioned "man raising sheep..." Well, what did they know? ;-)

  3. what a great video and I watched all three parts! The sheep breeds look almost identical to the breeds still in the UK, although the US versions are now completely different. Crazy what 50 years does!