Auction Sheep Feeder/Fleece shots

The card reader went out on my computer so I can't download my photos easily until I replace it.I had my photos put on a CD the other day so now I can share them. I'll start off with a foggy morning shot of the Shetland geese welcoming the day. I swear one of these days, with a good wind, they will be able to take off! Notice the 2' fence that contains them for now. :-)
And here's the new sheep feeder I got at the local auction almost 2 weeks ago. It was brand new and only cost me $24.50 (with the sales tax). I want Stan to make me three more!It can easily feed 8 sheep at once and it really saves on wasted hay. Also, it lessens the amount of hay on the sheep's backs. But the downside is their neck wool gets dirtier than when feeding in the buckets on the ground.

And here's a better photo of Devlyn our natural colored BFL ram lamb who is for sale.
I was checking fleeces on my two Shetland ram lambs the other morning and was delighted to find that the one I thought was black, out of River Oaks Leonie and Kimberwood Harrison, is actually shaela. Sorry these photos are so blurry, but at least you can see the color change.
And my button scurred Ag grey ram lamb, Sebastian (out of Bramble Cordelia and Kimberwood Harrison) is a very beautiful blue grey color under his dark tips. I hope he stays that color as an adult. Some Ag greys do stay grey (rather than lighten to almost white) and that's what I've been striving for in my flock. I plan to use Sebastian on 2-3 ewes this fall. Sheepy Hollow Rachel, now owned by Sabrina, is an Ag grey with lovely grey fleece in adulthood.
Side fleece above, and rump shot below.And this is his twin sister, Camille's fleece. She's an Ag grey gulmoget.
I love it! And I love her - everyone who comes over wants to take her home.She's very petite and so soft and so friendly. I can never get a good shot of her because she's always right next to me. This photo doesn't do her justice.I have to work tonight, it will be a long one, but I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see it all in person! I'll have to take some photos of the feeder :D

  2. Nice feeder! And nice fleece shots. If you ever sell Camille, I am requesting first choice (unless she is already spoken for!)


  3. Nice feeder I have my hubby building me one today and he has throughly looked at yours. thanks for sharing


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