Sheep for Sale- more photos added

Okay, I'm going to bite the bullet and make some downsizing decisions here!
The following sheep are for sale:
River Oaks Hannah, dark Moorit, F2 Holly, 3 years old. Nice little tail, good back end as shown with her daughter below. Single coated, crimpy fleece, carries spots and modified genes. $250
Twin ewe lambs, out of River Oaks Hattie (Hannah's twin sister) and Kimberwood Harrison (polled black gulmoget). These girls are petite, they should carry polled genetics, heavy Holly and Roban Dillon lines, not registered yet, buyer can choose names, I've been calling them Freya and Freida.One twin (Freya) is a solid sided black gulmoget (sale pending) and Freida, pictured above as a lamb in May, is black ($200). They may carry modified genes. Single coated, fine, crimpy fleece on both.River Oaks Bo, F3 Minder, moorit yearling ram out of Windswept Boggart and River Oaks Cora. Nice wide horns, great tail and nice fleece. Carries modified and spotting genetics. The photo above is from March, and the one below was taken in May, his horns have grown quite a bit since then. Priced at $200 or BO.
Twin yearling Shetland Mule ewes, white $125 each.
Two year old Shetland Mule, white, $125.
Registered Bluefaced Leicester ram lamb, natural colored, very fine fleece, excellent conformation. $200 pictured below as a lamb in May.To good home, River Oaks Hattie. Hattie has a bad ankle, not hereditary. She's the black twin sister of Hannah, F2 Holly, three years old.

We also have crossbred lambs for sale, some 3/4 BFL's and one 3/4 Shetland ewe lamb. Priced at $75 - 100 each. Ewe lambs and intact ram lambs available.


  1. Do Hannah and Hattie carry polled genetics themselves?

  2. I can't say for sure Michelle. Their sire had full horns. When bred to polled or poll carrier rams, they've only produced ewe lambs. When bred to a full horned ram, Hattie had a gorgeous full horned shaela ram lamb (and a fawn ewe lamb who gave me a short scurred ram lamb this year - it was sired by Harrison). Garrett has Hattie's daughter Lucy who gave him a polled F1 lamb this year.

    Last year Hannah had twin ram lambs when bred to a full horned ram. Both twins had bad horns, possibly aberrant. They were wethered. So I'm thinking Hannah may carry polled.

  3. Hi Garrett, we just had one Shetland Mule ewe lamb this year, Opal. She's white and very pretty. I also have two 3/4 BFL ewe lambs available. One is white and the other is dark. They have the more BFL type fleece. I am so tempted to keep them, but I really have to cut back on my numbers here.

  4. Is Hannah the one that had mastitis last year or something? Was her udder ok? Maybe I'll have to come make a trip to visit you....:)

  5. No Hannah never had mastitis, her udder is in excellent condition.
    It would be great to have you stop in for a visit Garrett! Rayna was here yesterday to look at sheep/lambs. It's so nice to talk face-to-face with other breeders. :-)


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