A Bright New Day and a Bouncy BFL lamb

Last night I was pretty worried about Rhyn's little guy. He wolfed down 2 oz. of colostrum and 2 oz. of supplement. He was pretty noisy when I turned out the barn lights and headed in for bed.

This morning I got Stan to hold Rhyn again so her lamb could nurse. By this time her bag was fuller and it must have felt better once the pressure was relieved. She relaxed while the lamb worked on both sides. Stan had to get to work, but I stayed a little longer and watched as the little ram nursed while Rhyn munched on hay. Oh, what a relief that was! I still gave him a 2 oz bottle of supplement to make sure he'd get through until we could check in on him again at lunch time.

We only had a half hour lunch break today and thankfully the little guy would only take about an ounce of his lunchtime bottle. Now tonight after work I see that he's gotten those bouncy lamb feet. Thank heavens! And check out his alert upright ears. I'll wait until tomorrow night to dock his tail.

Rhyn is a two year old and she lambed as a yearling. It took a while to get used to that lamb too. My BFL ewes are different than my Shetlands when it comes to lambing, that's for sure. I was spoiled with the easy care Shetland ewes all these years. But I was happy that Rhyn was an attentive mother to lamb yesterday, and now that her milk is in, she's doing just fine.

One more BFL ewe to lamb here. Lanora looks like she will single too. I'm hoping for a white one and I'd like to be home when it arrives.


  1. Yeah for Rhyn! I love his ears! Ooh, and I really like your new page header. Very sweet!

  2. Glad your little guy is doing well now! Take heart, Rhyn's behavior is NOT typical of BFLs. Sounds like you may just have this little quirk to deal with with her, although maybe she will grow out of it.
    Did you see my story about pulling a breech lamb yesterday? Its been so long, I nearly forgot how to do it. Thankfully, it also ended happily. :^)


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