Out of the Jug

Rhyn and her lamb were able to leave the jug and enjoy the wonderful sunshine today. I need to figure out a name for this little guy. His sire is Dougal, so I want a "D" name.


  1. Donal, Devlyn, Dunmore, Dyllan?

    I'm jealous you have lambs! I may be in for a population explosion here and probably before the 25th. Several are VERY large.....

  2. He's so long legged and lanky! He looks like he'll be a truck! How about Dodge? Dakota?

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I really like the truck names Nancy, but registered BFLs usually have Scottish or UK names, so I was thinking along those lines for this guy. Of the ones that Kim mentioned, I like Devlyn best.

    I'm tempted to use Dodge and Dakota for Derra's lambs even though they were sired by Granite. Maybe I'll wait and see if Dot and Delia's lambs are heavier -- and rams. We certainly are off to a rammy start this year.
    My Shetlands are getting huge too, even poor old Cordelia. The 25th is only a little over a week away.

  4. Dunwoody? Danny Longshanks? Our lambs are due beginning the 25th also. At least there are a few of us still waiting!

  5. Danny Longshanks, I got a kick out of that one Terri! I think I'll go with Devlyn, because it's got the "D" for Dougal and "yn" of Rhyn.
    I was thinking Dodge and Dakota would be perfect for your Cheviot cross lambs too.

  6. Don't forget Declan - like Declan Mulqueen from "The Jackal".

  7. Thanks Lisa! I'll keep that one in mind. Lanora could lamb any time now.


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