Pretty Boys

Here are a couple shots my son Alex took of the sheep this weekend. These two are yearling rams, Windswept Boggart, mioget, and Jackpot, our sweet little moorit yuglet.


  1. Cute photos. I love the look on Jackpot's face. :)

  2. The photo of Boggart is my favorite, all gray and brown swirls like an impressionist painting.... I'd crop it a little more on the left, a lot more on the right, maybe PhotoShop out the blue tag, and frame it as an 8x10!

  3. OOPS! I meant a little more on the RIGHT, a lot more on the LEFT....

  4. Becky: That bottom lamb has the same kind of horns as stanley! They are curled tightly to the head. Will they turn outwards later? Is he related to Stanley?


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