Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Free again

Sorry not to have posted on here for a while. I was busy dealing with snow and taxes and the FAFSA. And I volunteered to do the booklet for Shepherd's Harvest. SH takes place on Mother's Day weekend in Lake Elmo, MN. A pdf of the booklet is available to download on the website: The booklet is finished and an egg class I was scheduled to teach on Monday was cancelled so I feel like a free woman again!

I started in on CDT shots for the pregnant ewes. Lambs should start arriving in April. We should have some modified lambs, some spotted lambs, some katmoget lambs, a purebred BFL lamb and some BFL/shetland cross lambs. I can hardly wait! But this is an exciting time of year, just watching the ewes for signs of pregnancy. They are still in full fleece so it's hard to tell what's going on under all that wool. I've posted a photo of Lanora, my BFL ewe and River Oaks Eliza who appears to only have two legs in this shot!

And I've finally got a chance to start reading my aunt's latest murder mystery, Witch Cradle. I really enjoy reading her books. This is the third in a series which takes place in Michigan's UP. I'm not very far yet so I don't even know where the murder comes's link to it on --

Our Monday morning Artrageous group made jewlery this week. Thanks to Dee Kotaska for teaching us. Here are photos of us modeling our creations. I made two pairs of earrings which don't show up real well (I'm in pink in the lower right corner). That was lots of fun, but just what I don't need, a another hobby!

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  1. Becky: I can't wait to see your BFL shetland cross lambs!(Especially the wool on them)


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