Thursday, August 02, 2012

Woolen Mill Anyone?

Heads up everyone, there is a complete Wool Milling set up offered at auction this Saturday, August 4th, west of Cambridge, MN.
Details are here:

I went to check it out with my friend Deb the other day. It's HUGE and heavy.  Requires a 32' x 48' building.

There's the carder, circa 1918...

And the picker...along with a convertor and two big bins.  One for feeding the fiber into the picker and one for feeding the picked fiber into the carder.  Shown with a batt roller, but it comes with a roving attachment too.


  1. Becky, do you know who the manufacturer is?

  2. Yes Jared, it's Davis & Ferber.
    Here's what the details say about it:
    *COMPLETE WOOL MILLING MACHINE! 60” Davis & Ferber Single Brake T Slot Card w/Rover Attachment, Scotch Feed Boxes - 1 Fur Picker w/Blower System (3 Phase Electric)

    The owner had a converter made so the 3 phase electric can be converted to 2 phase. She also said replacement parts could be found at farm supply stores.

    Moving it would be a real chore.

  3. WOW!! That's an impressive piece of machinery. I'd love to see that in action.

  4. My friend Deb bought it! I can't wait to see it in action too. But first is the awesome task of moving it over to her place. It breaks down into four parts, plus the picker unit and the two bins, but it still weighs a lot. Lisa, the Patrick Green carder went fairly high. So I didn't even bid on it.

  5. No worries about the carder, Becky. It was really nice of you to think of me.

    You'll have to share pics of that mill in action. I've never seen anything like that.


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