Shetland Sheep for sale!

Heddy and her horned ram lamb

I've finally got my 2012 sales list posted on the Stock for Sale page -- complete with up-to-date photos!  I spent yesterday taking photos of the sheep, before separating the ewes from the lambs.
Needless to say, last night was a noisy one around here. :-)
Rita and her twin gulmoget crossbred lambs

In order to reduce work and stress levels around here, I've decided that I should just retain a fiber flock in the future. So almost all my Shetlands are listed on the sales page. I'd like to keep Camille and Hattie, but even they could go to the right home.

I plan to keep all four of the Bluefaced Leicesters and the crossbred gulmoget ewe lamb. I'm very tempted to wether all the crossbred ram lambs and keep them for their fabulous fiber. But if someone wants to use them for breeding, I'd hate to eliminate that possibility.

Please check the sales page and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Camille, Godiva and Mia heading out of the barn with Goldie in the back

The nine orphan chicks are down to six, but they are really growing up fast.  The boys are starting to crow already.

In other news, I got three new bobbins specially made for the antique spinning wheel I purchased in early June.  Special thanks to Russ Johnson for getting them done so quickly.  I've been spinning up some yarn and that wheel spins like a dream!


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