Rocky, formerly The New Pup

Thanks to everyone for all the name suggestions for our new puppy. Stan decided to call him Rocky because when he first went to look at the pups, this one was batting rocks around. 

We're finding that Rocky is pretty smart.  He wasn't housetrained in the least when we got him, but it only took two days of training before he caught on. Even during the nasty weather we've just gone through, he's been vigilant about doing his business outside. Okay, in the worst of it he decided the deck was far enough, but I am very pleased about not having to clean up any more messes in the house.

Stan is really happy with how well Rocky retrieves.  He uses a bird wing for this, which makes me nervous about the chickens' future safety. So far Rocky's been okay with the chickens, but I am happy he's learning to respond to a sharp "No!"   The other day he barged confidently into the goose pen.  I called him out of there as fast as I could, those ganders could really hurt him.  And then he came into the ram shelter and jumped a panel so he was right in with the boys.  Harwell chased him around for a while before I could get him back to safety.

The cats are getting used to him.  At least they don't hide anymore.  He will bark at them and they growl at him.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer before they get along.

He's a real chewer too, he loves the sheepskin in Ozzie's kennel - another warning sign? I took it away and give him an old rag rug.  I found my boot in his kennel the other morning and this morning he had Stan's favorite cap.  Life with a puppy - how long does last?  Wish me luck. 


  1. I was SO glad when we found a young adult bulldog to rescue! After Jackson's puppyhood, I couldn't face another one for awhile!

  2. I know Michelle, I was hoping my husband would find a more mature dog to take in. But he had his heart set on training up a hunting dog puppy this time around. I think after getting through the puppy stage of our Australian Shepherds, you and I are survivors. :)


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