Quick post - busy working on the Shepherd's Harvest Booklet

Just a quick post as I take a break from doing the Shepherd's Harvest booklet. 

I got my Bluefaced Leicester yarn back from the processor already.  I love it!  I only had three pounds of roving spun, but I'm thinking I will send 4 pounds of my Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester top to be spun into yarn too.  I had a little unexhausted dye left in the crockpot, so I dyed 4 oz. of the BFL yarn Peacock Blue.  I'm thinking I may use it to quickly make another Tomten baby jacket according to EZ's directions. 

I'm having reservations about the one I knitted in the self-striping Bernat baby yarn using stockinette stitch.  I think there was a reason that Elizabeth Zimmermann used garter stitch, especially in the sleeves.  I've pinned in the zipper, now I just need to stitich it in place.
Rocky is sacked out just behind my computer chair, he's dead to the world. But it's time to go do chores and you can bet he'll spring into action when I get my boots on.
The BFL lambs are already a week old and growing like weeds.  I banded the tails of the youngest four yesterday.  I didn't want to do it sooner when the temps were so cold at night. I figured they had enough stress with that.  You can see by the above photo that they've all adjusted just fine.

Now that things are warming up again, life is much easier.  We got the van out of the mud and snow yesterday.  Yay!  Thanks to our neighbors for their help and to our son Matt who was in a hurry to get to work in the cities.  Sorry about all that mud on your jeans Matt.


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