Lanora's Twins

I checked the barn by flashlight early this morning and Lanora was standing up while everyone else was lying down, but other than that all seemed well. Went back out around 9 a.m. and found her with two white ram lambs.

The thing about BFLs is that the lambs are not real bright as compared to Shetland lambs.  These boys are STILL having trouble connecting with the milk counter at 4 p.m.  The video clip above shows how close they come without actually hooking up.  Hopefully they will figure it out soon! I can't stand to watch.  They don't want to be helped either. I milked out Lanora and gave them each a bottle of her colostrum and some powdered colostrum supplement to keep them going until they figure things out.
Leora will be next.  She was taking a lot of interest in the older lambs this morning after her mom delivered the twins.  We have a winter storm warning starting in the morning, I wonder if that will bring on labor for her. She's a first time mom.


  1. Thanks Lisa, I was hoping you were going to give me some tips about getting those lambs connected. The good news that I finally managed to get the both ram lambs connected last night about 10:30 p.m. Hip-hip-hurray! Especially appreciated since Leora delivered twin ewe lambs at 7 p.m. They caught on to nursing right away, but I did supplement her littlest one. It was a good day, up by four white BFLs! :)
    And to think we've never had twin BFLs before, but this year we've got three sets. I wonder if it's the earlier breeding?

  2. Beautiful lambs, Becky. Don't you feel relieved when you just walk out and find them?
    I usually find that if you fill them up with colostrum and walk away for a few hours they get the idea that mom's got the stuff. I also try not to talk to them when I'm in the pen getting them started. When I do, they respond to my voice when I come in the barn and run to me like I'm mom.

  3. Thanks for the tip about not talking to them Kathy. That's a good one that I'll remember for next time. The ram lambs were getting so hungry they looked frantic when they'd see me coming. I was so relieved when they finally got the real thing figured out at about 14 hours old. Tomorrow they will be a week old already. They are growing like weeds despite our cold night time temps.


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