New Chickens!!!

Thanks so much to Kim for gifting me with her beautiful young flock of Buff Chanteclers.  I picked them up on Thursday last week and they are slowly but surely making themselves at home here.

I'm sorry that Kim's plans to build a new chicken coop for them to live in this winter didn't work out,  but that's where I came in.  My flock is down to just three old hens who have survived the coyotes and fox strikes. I'll try to keep these guys safe. 
There are six hens and a one-eyed rooster.  That's him and his good eye in the photo above. I am hoping to hatch out some purebred Buff Chantecler chicks next spring -- or better yet, letting them hatch out their own chicks. I've never had Chantecler chickens before but from what I've read, their claim to fame is that they are so winter hardy and lay well through the winter.  We're only getting one egg a day from the old girls right now (if we're lucky), so I can't wait for them to start laying.


  1. How lucky for you, Becky! They're pretty girls. You'll have plenty of eggs when they're all laying!

  2. Congratulations; looks like a wonderful flock! I don't know anything about that breed; I'll have to make a mental note for the future.

  3. Thanks ladies! I let my old hens in with them this morning. No fighting at all. I think my old girls were pretty interested in that nice looking rooster.


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