Lamb Stew

If only you could smell this through the computer...
We love lamb stew.  Now that the weather is cooler, we have been eating good again.

Here is the recipe I use for lamb stew, it's very easy and made from ingredients I normally keep on hand.

1 lb lamb stew meat (coat in flour - seasoned with your choice, I use Lawry's seasoning salt and brown in a small amount of hot fat/oil)
Add 3 cups water, 1-2 cloves minced garlic, 2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper.  Cover and simmer on low for about an hour.  Add 4 medium sized sliced carrots and 4 medium sized potatoes, pared and cubed, a medium chopped onion, and 1 tsp dried crushed basil (or as much as you like).  Cook uncovered for about 25 minutes until the vegetables are tender.  Add 10 oz. frozen peas (or 1 can peas, drained) and parsley (if desired).  Cook about 5 minutes and it's done.  Yummm! 
I usually add a couple more cups of water when I add the vegetables.

No need to keep obnoxius rams around when there's lamb stew to be had!


  1. Sounds yummy, Becky! Never tried Lawry's or basil in my stew and I always throw hulled barley in mine for good health. Just took lambs in yestereday to the butcher and had a bunch of stew meat made. So will have lots for lamb stew!

  2. Oh barley would be a great addition, I'll have to try that next time. The basil and the garlic are key ingredients. I always grow my own basil so I can add as much as I want. Lucky you with all that stew meat coming from your lambs!

  3. I'm going to make it tonight! Sounds yummy!


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