Lana's Ewe Lamb and Lanora's Boy

River Oaks Lana had a ewe lamb all dried off and fed when I went out to feed the sheep on Sunday morning.  I think she may be modified, her skin looks rather brownish, but her fleece is black. 
She weighed 7 lbs.  Only half as much as Lanora's ram lamb who was born Saturday morning.

I'm trying to think of a name for him. His sire is Granite, so I was thinking of maybe Slate, but then I thought maybe Glacier... Still thinking.  He was quick to nurse after birth and his was a trouble free BFL lambing except for that spurting cord.

Here he is Sunday morning, with his mom a full sister behind him on the left and yearling Shetland ewes, Freya, Cleo, and Freida on the right. He went out on pasture with mom and old sister Rhisa that day.
I had to band their tails tonight, I just hate doing that.  Glad it's over now.


  1. For the ram lamb - how about Mica? That is the sparkle in granite.
    Or Quartz or Feldspar, other components of granite.

  2. Becky is this your first Shetland for the year? Congrats, she darling. I love Lana, she sure is something special.
    This is the first year in a while I didn't have to dock tails, sure is nice. :)

  3. Thanks for all the great suggestions Lisa, our neighbor man's name is Mica. As much as I love the meaning you mentioned, it might not be a good idea for me to be out in the paddock calling for Mica. LOL.

    Yes Juliann this little ewe lamb is our first Shetland of the year. I was hoping to get a gulmoget out of Lana, but even this plain little black lamb is so cute. She's full of energy and was doing lamb races all by herself last night - the BFL lambs weren't in the mood after banding. I can't wait to see more Shetland lambs hit the ground. I'm hoping for some polled boys.

  4. I was thinking of Quartz for the ram lamb also. Or Glacier is nice too. But REALLY, you should name him Windmill because of those ears! I just love their ears! :-)


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