Another BFL Lamb

Just a quick post to say that our white BFL ewe, Beechtree Lanora, had her lamb this morning. It's a beautiful white ram lamb with a very blue head.  Look at those ears!  He's certainly not a pinkie.  :-)

His cord was pretty thick and when I clipped it, the blood just spurted out.  How scary!  I held it clamped tight for a while and then dipped it in some really thick and fast coagulating Iodine I bought from Premier.  It quit spurting quickly and it looks good now.  But I hope he doesn't get it bleeding again while I'm gone at work this afternoon.
Lanora is being a very good mother, she licked him off and is agreeable to having her bag accessed.  I got both teats unplugged and ready for the lamb to find -- hopefully on his own this afternoon. :-)

This boy is white carrying color. And he is the last BFLlamb for us this year. Our two 2-year-old ewes didn't take last fall. I'm disappointed not to get any lambs out of Ward Harwell, he's a gorgeous ram.  Next year I'll leave my breeding groups together longer.

Overall with the BFLs lambing, we've had 50/50 rams and ewes, and 50/50 colored/white.  Now I can relax and wait for the Shetlands to start in with their lambs.


  1. Ooh, what a cutie! Will he be for sale?

  2. Yes, he'll be for sale if he has good conformation as he grows. I have his mom and full sister, plus two half-sisters, so I won't need him for breeding. He's doing real well, just bouncing around the pasture this morning. I felt bad about having to band his tail last night.


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