Ozzie/Shetland Goslings

Well, the $500 for my insurance deductible didn't last long. Poor Ozzie was in a LOT of pain yesterday morning, limping on his right front foot. He was actually yelping out in pain.

On Thursday I noticed he was playing with a chipmunk that the cats had gotten but not killed. Usually Ozzie will quickly put the victim out of its misery or I will make them all leave it alone. But Thursday was that busy day with the new lamb and the Shetland goslings and I let nature take it's course. I heard Ozzie yelp a couple times and I figured the chipmunk must have bit him back. The next day I noticed he was slightly limping as we did chores. Then Saturday morning he wouldn't even get up to go out for chores...not like Ozzie at all! So I decided to bring him in to the vet.

I was nervous about bringing him there all by myself -- being an Aussie he gets very nervous over new things. But he must have known what I was doing when I called the vet and decided to bring him right in for an appointment. When I dug out his collar and lead (something he NEVER wears), he actually got up and met me by the door. He seemed excited about going in the van (something he used to dread). I told him we were going to "the land" which he loves to do, but I think he would have gladly gone with me anywhere at that point.

I was very glad that he actually walked into the vet's office with me. I had to pick him up and put him on the scale as that was just too scary for him, but otherwise he did really well.

The vet didn't find any puncture wounds and suspected Lyme disease. His blood test came back positive for exposure to Lyme and anoplasmosis, but his temp was normal.

I got some pain pills for him and an antibiotic which would treat Lyme as well as an infection from a chipmunk bite if that was the case. We also got him up to date on his vaccinations and $200 later, I brought him home. After he settled down, I was amazed at how easily he took the antibiotic pills wrapped in bread. He needs to take six of them per day for three weeks. The pain killer is a chewable treat which he also readily took.

By the time I got home from work in the evening, he was acting as if nothing was ever wrong with his foot. Just amazing! :-)

The goslings are quickly outgrowing their pen in the kitchen -- this was fresh bedding yesterday. I've got to get them out in the garage, but it's too cold out, so here they are in their new digs in the basement. I put them on wood chips now that the Shetlands are old enough to know better than eat them.Friday I took them out in the sunshine and took a few photos...
Above is a male in the back and two females in the front. Below is a pair.
I removed the yarn hobble from the one little male's legs and he's walking around just fine now. They are doing so well. I've decided to sell the two Brown Chinese now that the Shetlands are settled in.

Last week we got the pole barn cleaned and I locked the sheep out for the summer... ha, ha!
Last night when I saw Elsie's little ewe lamb all wet from the drizzle, I broke down and let them in the pole barn again. There are several shelters out in the paddocks, but Elsie wasn't taking advantage of them. And it was just too cold and wet for a two day old. I know, I'm a pushover.
Little Eva is so sweet, I can already give her chin scratches. I'm seeing brown hairs in her legs and little wispy white hairs near her tail head. I think I should dock her tail, it's just a bit too long.


  1. Becky those goslings are so precious! I hope Ozzie recovers quickly, poor fellow.

  2. Thanks Juliann, Ozzie is already as good as new, thank heavens. Back to his old self, helping me with chores. I was surprised to figure out that he will be six years old in September, I was thinking he was only 3 or 4 years old. Time goes by way too fast. It's so much fun having the goslings around again. I've always loved waterfowl.


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