Lamb & Wool Starter Flock for Sale

Okay, I've made up my mind, I'm selling the Mule Flock! Much as a I love the Mules and their fleece, I just don't have the space to deal with two breeds of registered sheep and a market lamb operation. I've started a sales blog and will be adding a link and more sheep to it as time permits.

Six Bluefaced Leicester-cross ewes, ages 1-2 years, and a yearling Ile de France/Dorset ram. All are white, but the ewes carry color recessively.
This is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to produce market lambs on grass and at the same time harvest some great handspinning wool.
Three ewes are two-year-olds with good lambing histories, three are yearlings; two yearlings were not bred and one has a ewe lamb at side (will negotiate separately on the ewe lamb).

If sold separately, the ewes are priced at $150 each and the ram is $200. If sold as a package of all seven, they are priced at $950.

Can negotiate a smaller package deal if desired.

Also available:
* Two-year-old registered natural colored Bluefaced Leicester ram, twin, proven sire. Excellence quality fleece on this ram. Good natured, gentle ram. $250

* Yearling registered Shetland ram, moorit with head spotting, single, proven sire, nice wide horns and short fluked tail. Good natured, easy to handle. Nice fleece too. $200

Our flock is a Scrapie Certified flock since 2008. All our sheep are up to date on worming, vaccinations, and hoof trimming. We are located in East Central Minnesota and can help with transportation if needed.


  1. Hi Becky. How big are your 1-2 yr old crossbreds (weights)?


  2. I don't have a scale so I have to estimate when worming, etc. -- I figure about 115-120 lbs for the 2-year-olds and about 90-100 lbs. for the yearlings. The fall weights on the crossbred lambs have ranged from 75-85 lbs.

  3. Becky, does this mean you are "coming home" to purebred Shetlands? :)

  4. LOL Juliann, yes, I realized this spring that I don't want to give up all the color and marking variety that Shetlands have to offer. I love the BFL's too, they are such gentle creatures. The two year old Mules are became aggressive with my Shetland ewes this winter, so it's either them or the Shetlands. I may keep my 3/4 BFL ewe lambs and see how they do. :-)

  5. Hay Becky how much do your mules fleeces weight (and your BFL?) The 2 Shetland mules that I kept had only 2 # skirted. (I have to say I was disappointed in such a small fleece coming from a big animal.My BFL ram's fleece is only 2# as well.)


    Hopefully you find a home for your mules!

  6. Hi Laura, the finer the fleece the lighter the weight. You must skirt pretty heavily too. Our yearling Mules to average about 3 pounds of skirted fleece. A couple of the two year old Mules had over 4 lb. fleeces. The BFL fleeces range from 2.5 to 5 lbs. skirted. Then of course after washing there is even less. I know it's a big animal to get so little fleece - but the BFL fleece so nice! The natural colored BFL fleeces are the heaviest ones here. I need more white BFL to keep up the demand. I'm going to try overdyeing the some of the dark BFL I have on hand.


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