What!? It's April?

I just can't believe it is APRIL already. I need to get my lambing bucket ready to go! The first possible lambs could be here on Friday - yikes! FRIDAY???

Actually, the first ewes I have marked on the calendar are Dot and Derra, on April 7th. That's almost a week away. Dot doesn't look all that big, so that date could be way off for her. I'm pretty sure it was her getting bred back on Nov. 11, but I also put a Derra down with a question mark. Well, Derra is pretty huge, and her bag is getting tight. This morning I noticed some clear discharge on her. I recall that her mother often had a clear discharge up to a week before lambs arrived and her mother also averaged 149 days, so maybe I still have a week to go.Never the less, it's time to get my lambing supplies ready to go. Iodine, a scissors, a towel, scale, camera, and my sheep book, just in case. I do have a lamb puller, a feeding tube, and the EZ Milker, but I'll leave them in the house along with all the meds, like banamine, antibiotics, vitamin B, oxytocin, dexamethasone. Hopefully we won't need those.
Oh and I'll need more wormer. I think I'll go with Valbazen for wormer this year. Last year we used Prohibit. I don't like using injectable Ivomec because those shots really sting.

I've got some hog panels that I will tie up inside the barn for a jug or two. I've already got the barn cam operating, and it comes in really handy.

The wet, sticky snow was so beautiful this morning, I got out and took these photos before I got called in to work. The photos don't do justice to the beauty of a morning like this...

The afternoon was cloudy and dreary, I was ready for a nap after work. But then the phone rang.

Woo-hoo! I'm so excited. I got a call from Jeanne Carbonetti and we're on for a three-day watercolor workshop with her in May, 2011. I know, 2011 seems like a long way off, but it will be here soon enough. Time just flies as you get older, and I've got lots to do to get this workshop organized.


  1. Love the snow pics. Hopefully, they will be the last of the season. I can't wait to see your lambs! And congrats on the watercolor workshop!! I might just have to dust off my paint box and brushes. ;-)


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