April Additions

No, they're not the wooly kind, but they are pretty cool anyway. Somehow I feel better having waterfowl on the place again. Notice the pond in the background of the photo above? Once they get used to being here, I'll let them go down there.

I was surfing through Craiglist the other night and found an ad for Brown Chinese geese. They were 4-H projects last summer and won purple. When I found out I could take a trio rather than two pairs, I was pretty happy. They have been laying already, but I suspect the change of location will set them back for while.
I wonder if they have some African blood in them, notice the dewlap on the gander. And one of the geese looks like a Pomeranian cross. I don't care, I'm just looking forward to them hatching out some goslings and having Christmas goose next year.

The rams and chickens were taken aback by these newcomers and their hissing when they arrived yesterday, but all are getting along fine now.

Here is a shot of Derra's bag three days ago, I swear she is ready to pop!


  1. They are beautiful!
    I used to have a pair of giant dewlap Africans, the gander does look like he has a touch but that's okay. They are lovely!
    This makes me miss my water fowl. But I have a pair of Canada's up on the pond, so at least I have something to look at.


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