Ozzie the Wonder Dog?!

Wow, I swear that Ozzie understands a lot of words!

Yes, we've already established that he thinks "Quiet!" means "bark louder!", but I've noticed that he really seems to understand certain words. When I say, "let's get the mail", he runs to the mail box and waits for me. When we mention "going to the land" he gets all excited wanting to come along. He knows where to go when I say we're going to feed "the boys" and where the "girls" and the "chickens" are. He also knows that Stan is supposed to come upstairs when I call, "supper is ready". He'll stand at the top of stairs looking down, waiting for Stan, getting nervous if he doesn't appear. :-)

Well, I just got home from dropping off some items for the new arts and crafts shop in town. Stan was outside getting wood and I asked if he had gotten the mail. He said yes, it was in the house on the counter. I went in and looked for it while I was taking off my coat and firing up the computer. I didn't see it anywhere. That is until I looked down and there sat Ozzie by my feet, with a letter in his mouth that was addressed to me! I immediately recognized it as an art show entry form and I grabbed it away from him thinking he would rip it to shreds any second. He looked like one of those St. Bernards with the flask rescuing the avalanche victim.

So then I asked Stan what was in the mail. He mentioned several of things, but not the letter that Ozzie gave me. We figure Stan must have dropped it somewhere and Ozzie picked it up and delivered it to me when I asked about the mail. And it didn't have a tooth mark on it. :-)


  1. What a great dog! I wish I could train our Stickley to do that. He would not eat it, but he would not have a clue what to do. If I stuck a letter in his mouth, he'd just drop it.

  2. That is way cool. Don't we just wish we knew what was going on inside the heads of our four legged friends........all of them!

  3. Oh, WOW! As smart as he is BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. What a super dog, Becky! Ozzie is hero of the day. :)

  5. Dogs can really be amazing. Good thing he picked up the letter before it blew away! Pretty neat.

  6. It is amazing what words they quickly pick up on, but for Ozzie to thought process the dropped letter is really something. What a beauty..and brains too!

  7. awesome, I have three dogs but long for a smart one.:-)


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