Felted Hat - Take 2

Just what I needed, a little help from my friends! How did you know that's my favorite color Michelle?
Does it have to special hat lace or will regular lace do the trick?

I got a whole bag of lace odds and ends for 25 cents a couple months ago. I keep my dyes on hand and only had Copenhagen blue already mixed. I thought it might bleed out so my first attempt at dyeing the lace was too dark, but the second try looks just right. I just dipped it in the dye and sprayed it with vinegar and water, then microwaved it for 20 seconds. The color set very quickly and is not bleeding out.

Now I'd better hop in the shower before my husband comes home for lunch. Notice all the stuff on the table, hopefully he won't be hungry. LOL

Rayna, you would look so cute in a hat like this. I may have to go into production. :-)


  1. Just the ticket! And if you attach it with just a basting stitch or two, you could swap out the lace to match your outfit! Pretty soon, we're gonna see you featured on The Sartorialist (http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/)!

  2. OMG, that is the cutest hat EVER! I wish I had more knitty/felty skills :-(.

  3. I will SO buy one from you, Becky! I want the darker blue lace! Or maybe a nice red...Hmmm...*drools*

  4. Burgundy lace and a felted flower would be awesome!

    Did you get my email, Becky? I posted to the MSSBO list but don't think it went through....

  5. The hat is awesome. I bet it looks great on you. Nice job!

  6. Michelle, the Sartorialist blog is very interesting and lots of fun to read, thanks for the link. No worries, I'd never get on there. LOL

    Corrine, you're young and cute, you don't need to knitty/felty. :-)

    Rayna, just send me your hat size and I'll see if I can make another one of these. Now just watch, I'll probably get a derby on my next attempt. :-)

    Nancy, no I didn't get your email, can you try sending it again? I have a felted purple tulip that I made, but it's too big for this hat. I may keep experimenting with some funky fibers.

    Thanks Sharrie!


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