Photos of the girls

Here are some photos of our ewes and ewe lambs. They were posing for me yesterday morning.

Leora, is our white BFL ewe lamb. born April 18, 2008. I love her blue coloring and fine fleece.
Lanora, below, is Leora's mother. She's a two year old BFL ewe. She's on the small side, her daughter is almost as big as she is.
Rhyn is our yearling Natural Colored BFL ewe. She's a big girl.
Above is Derra, a yearling Shetland Mule, she looked so long in that shot. I got a full body shot, below.And this is Elsie, one of the Shetland Mule ewe lambs we had shorn at the State Fair.

And below is Bramble Jemma, just after feeding time.

And this is Jemma's Shetland Mule daughter, #0071. She takes after mom in getting herself full of hay.


  1. They're lovely, Becky. Very elegant with those long legs! Elsie looks very graceful. Are you keeping any of the mules? It's still hard to imagine those little Shetlands mothering those big babies....


  2. Thanks Nancy! Yes I think the BFLs are elegant looking too. Funny, when I first saw a photo of one I thought their faces were ugly and it was their fiber that sucked me in. Now I think they are just beautiful animals. LOL
    But most of all, I really appreciate their docile personalities.
    Yes, I'm keeping all three of my remaining Shetland mule ewe lambs - although I do have them listed on my sales list - if someone buys them I can always use the money. I don't plan on breeding ewe lambs this year though. Well, MAYBE I'll put Leonie in Harrison's group in hopes of a polled moorit gulmoget.


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