Cool Mushroom & Family Photos

Check out this cool mushroom. I took several photos of it the other day.

Two of my cousins came over yesterday. What fun it was to see them again! My dad come over from Danbury Wisconsin too. We had a nice afternoon talking about sheep, the old relatives back in the UP of Michigan, and dogs.

In the photo is me, my cousin Denise who is my age, and her big sister, Stephanie. They sure don't look alike do they? Denise got Grandpa's red hair and Stephanie looks just like her dad. On the right you see my dad, it's hard to believe his 80th birthday is coming up soon!

Stephanie lives out in Washington state. She raises Navajo Churro sheep and Basset hounds. She came to Minnesota to judge a dog tracking show/contest - sorry I don't know much about the details, but I was thrilled that she and Denise stopped in for a nice long visit. That last time they came was in 2006 when I was in the midst Bramble Hetty's serious lambing problems. Needless to say, this visit was much more relaxed.

I am already making plans to attend the 2010 Black Sheep Gathering. That's the year the BFL people will be having an AGM-type event there - don't know all the details on that either. But Stephanie doesn't live too far away from Eugene, OR so we'll have to figure something out.

I put the adult BFL rams in with the polled ram lambs the other day. They seemed to get along okay for about a day and then I noticed Dougal being pretty rough with the ram lambs, especially the little Ile de France, so I separated them again. Dougal is ready for breeding, he's driving poor Granite crazy too these days. I decided to offer him for sale at $250. If anyone wants him, let me know ASAP. Otherwise he's on his way as a rental ram down in Isanti County in a couple weeks. I only have two ewes to breed him to this year, so he needs another outlet.

Everyone says the Ile de France ram lambs looks like a doll sheep. I just hope he grows a pair in time to the job on my Shetland mule ewes. He's not real well endowed, I'm hoping it's just because he's so young.


  1. "grows a pair"...ROFLOL!!!


    (from work)

  2. Sorry that was kind of crass. LOL
    But actually I'm getting kind of worried about it. He'll be five months old in December, so he should be able to handle the job - I hope! :-)


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