Spring Interrupted

We woke this morning to a blanket of snow. The tulips are up, the grass was starting to take off after the recent rain, and now we're back to a snow-covered landscape. Thankfully we're not going to get a lot of accumulation like I think Garrett and Sabrina are in for.

Anyway, Cocoa was the only who came out to call for food this morning. I swear they watch for the blinds to open on the patio door and then start in bellowing.

My girls are keeping me waiting, no new lambs here since the gulmoget was born on Tuesday.
I'm thinking that Rhyn, our yearling BFL and Jemma, a 6 year old Shetland hopefully bred to Harrison (above photo taken last week), will go next. But who knows.

Our yearling fawn katmoget, Abby, is just starting to look pregnant so I'm afraid she's carrying a BFL cross rather than a Harrison baby. Darn! And Cora, a 2 year old musket Shetland is suddenly looking pretty pregnant. I hope she delivers soon as I may have found a new home for her and I'd like to see what she's carrying before letting her go.

I managed to make a batch of goat milk soap last night. If only you could smell this through the computer! Two pounds of Oatmeal Milk and Honey, and a pound of Baby Rose, and two pounds of Woodland Pear. I added Shea Butter to the recipe in hopes of a harder bar. It's so much fun to experiment with the different oils and scents. I recently made a few batches of soap without milk, but I really prefer the creamier milk soaps. I may have to try and harvest some sheep milk at weaning this year for sheep milk soap!


  1. Yeah, I think you and I are in the same storm system, only a couple inches accumulation tonight, with a low of 21, and a high of 42 tomorrow. So it'll all be gone and a nice muddy mess...yay lol. You should make some lilac scented soaps ;-) hehehe

  2. I'm looking forward to it melting again Rayna. Today it keeps snowing and blowing, not like April at all. Yes, lilacs should be blooming soon, shouldn't they?


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