Our First Lamb of 2007!

Jemma delivered our first lamb of the season today. It's a ewe lamb, black with small white spots oh her head just like her mom. Name still to be decided.

The timing was a little earlier than I had planned. We're in the midst of a cold snap and I haven't got my good tight fencing up yet. Mom and baby are inside a calf hut tonight with a wire panel tied across the front. Another ewe, Lottie, wants to steal this baby so bad! She calls to the lamb and the lamb calls back to her. But the lamb is nursing and her mom has claimed her too. I'll be so glad when the weather warms up and Lottie has a lamb of her own.


  1. I like the looks of Jemma's fleece! Was she coated? If not, she stayed pretty dark....

  2. Thanks Michelle. Her fleece always sells well even though she's the coarsest member of my flock. She's a black iset and those brownish sections you see are what's left of last year's rise still on the ends. I managed to trim up some of it early last summer and was happy that she didn't sunbleach in those areas afterward.

  3. Awww, lambs! I don't have any yet but a few ewes are beginning to look promising. I'm like you though, I hope they hold off until this cold snap is over - only 12 degrees tonight and wind chill below zero.


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