Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mabeline is Done Now

Yes, Mabeline did look like a poodle! She was hot on Monday when the temps got close to 80 degrees here and she kept begging me to pluck more wool. But it wasn't coming off as easily, so I used my handshears to finish the job. Now she looks good, definitely pregnant and not too thin.

I washed the rooed fleece and drumcarded it on Sunday. I've started spinning it but haven't plied it yet.

I moved Dougal, our BFL ram, to a separate paddock so the girls can eat in peace from now until the lambs start arriving. The yearling ewes need all the nutrition they can get while at this time.

This is a photo of Elsa, 2 year old half sister to Mabeline. She lost her fleece last summer after a bout with worms, And this new fleece is really soft and crimpy like a lamb's flece. She's definitely pregnant too.

This is a photo of our yearling BFL ewe, Lanora. She doesn't look pregnant yet, but I'm sure she is.

And here's a shot of River Oaks Eliza, another half sister to Mabeline. (2005 was my year for white ewe lambs and I love them.) Behind Eliza is Bramble Lottie, an F1 Minder musket ewe.

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