Eliza's lamb

What a perfect Sunday. Beautiful weather. I washed Eliza's fleece and put it out to dry, then I washed all our bedding hung it on the line. I sheared Windswept Boggart -- the poor boy was simply begging to get that wool off-- and Eliza delivered a beautiful white ram lamb right around 7:00 p.m. Her labor was very short, I noticed she was dropped in the morning but she ate with the rest of the ewes up until the evening hay. She chose a spot out in the paddock and I could see she was straining with contractions. So I checked her and saw the water bag. I had to refill the ewes' water bucket and by the time I got back (only 5 mintues later) I saw she had delivered her baby and was licking him off. I didn't have to get too close to realize it was a ram lamb. All this time, Darcy and Harley are having lamb races around Eliza, she didn't seem to mind. So as I was taking these photos, Darcy was climbing on me and panting to catch her breath. Those lambs are so cute!
I picked up the lamb and moved mother and baby to a jug inside the Megahut. Clipped and dipped his cord in iodine and made sure both faucets were unplugged. They are doing fine this morning and he looks quite full. This is perfect weather for lambing!


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