48 hours later...

Here's a shot of Eliza's lamb 48 hours later. It may be hard to tell in the photo, but he's in mid-air. All the lambs are like jumping beans in the evening.

We had twin ewe lambs born on Monday afternoon out of 10-year-old Bramble Gillian and Windswept Boggart. They appear to be moorit, but could lighten up to mioget or fawn as time goes on.

And Gillian's yearling daughter, Grace, delivered our first ever katmoget ewe lamb within a hour of her mother's twins. The katmoget is sired by Sheltering Pines Bombarde and she is a pistol! Her fleece is very tightly curled.

So now we're at two ram lambs and four ewe lambs. All are doing fine and they are so much fun to watch. Eleven more ewes to go!

BTW, I reformatted the blog colors, text and layout for a more spring-like effect. I wish I could get more space around the photos though. Maybe I should center all the photos?


  1. I love Grace's ewe lamb! I hope I get some katmogets soon!

  2. The new light blue is very refreshing! (I'm a stodgy ol' thing, I guess; once I set things up I don't like to change them. I do NOT rearrange furniture....)

    I can't believe you got that photo of Eliza's lamb leaping! Great timing!

  3. YEA!!! Your first katmoget!!AND its a girl! Way to go!!

  4. what a GREAT start to lambing! Beautiful babies and beautiful photos. Twin ewe lambs from Gillian ~ how awesome!!!

  5. Thanks you guys, I'm excited about those katmogets too and now we're up to three of them.
    Michelle, getting that shot of Eli leaping was a stroke of luck. You should have seen all the shots with just a tail and two back legs. My camera is so slow, I decided to click before the actual leaps and move the camera ahead of him.
    My son did a video clip of the lambs playing "king of the hill" last night and I'm hoping to link it from the blog after editing.

  6. Yep, that photo was the one I was thinking of. No, not as great at the one taken on the Isle of Mull, but still good!


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