Spinning, felting and knitting projects

I've gotten some things done since Christmas. I finished my new socks, made from Parade yarn from Knitpicks. I like this yarn because it's heavier than the usual self-striping sock yarns and these socks are warm!
The other day I felted up some mittens using roving from Willy's lamb fleece, it took about 2 oz. of roving and almost three hours. I'm considering adding some knitted cuffs inside to keep the cold and snow from coming in at the wrists.
And I've been spinning up more of the Louet Northern Lights spaced dyed top. I love these colors! The top is very thin and is easy to draft. I made some 2 ply yarn and then navajo plied some for a 3 ply yarn with more intense color. I think I prefer the 2 ply...pictured here are wildberries, grape jelly, violets, cotton candy and lollipops.


  1. Oooohhhhhh! My favorite is the pastels! They are all beautiful! Love your socks and mittens too.

  2. Beautiful! Those gloves are almost to pretty to wear. Hopefully not for barn chores, lol! I hope someday I can spin like that!


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