The Pole Barn is Finally Repaired

Stan finally finished repairing the pole shed. It's so nice to have it enclosed again! It felt like a big open wound everytime I drove by and saw it burned and wide open on one end. Even though you can still see the tell-tale signs of the fire from the outside, and it's eight feet shorter than before, it looks SO much better and we can close it up again.

I'm really proud of Stan for getting it done. It was a LOT work and he did almost all of it himself. He had help with placing the new posts and installing new trusses, but he did the rest of it pretty much on his own. I offered to help and I didn't like the idea of him up on that roof all by himself, but he prefers to do things like that himself.

So today Stan is off deer hunting and I went out shopping at the area craft sales. Tomorrow four of our rams go in their breeding groups. They are definitely READY. I hope the girls don't get too stressed, but it's all in the hope of some fabulous lambs for spring.

The kittens have finally gotten their eyes open. I'll take photos and post them tomorrow. What a bunch of cuties they are! Poor mama cat has her paws full with seven babies to care for.

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