We've been Adopted!

When I got home from work on Friday night I found a snarling young calico cat in my chicken pen. The door had been left open all day and the chickens were out scratching, doing whatever they like to do. We have a problem with chipmunks and mice in the barn, so I wasn't too worried about the cat as long as she wasn't going after my birds. I'm rather partial to calico kitties and we haven't had a cat for over a year now since we had to put down our little Destiny, a stray who was the sweetest cat we ever had.

Anyway, this little calico was snarling and trying to look ferocious so I locked her in the pen and went to call our neighbors with cats to see if they were missing one. Sure enough, one neighbor was missing a calico kitten. They said they were coming to get her.

While we waited, I gave her some yogurt and that's when we noticed she looked injured in the left front leg. Upon closer inspection, the poor thing had had a compound fracture at some point and the bone is still sticking out. She's all healed up and is able to use the paw on that leg, but she can't walk with it since it's completely broken up near the shoulder.

When the neighbors arrived, they said she wasn't theirs after all. So now what to do? By that time my cat lover son was already making plans for her. We left for a few hours and when we returned, she was still there, sitting in the doorway of the barn. Okay, we got her some cat food and introduced her to our Australian shepherd. She's been on our deck ever since. Like I said, we can use a cat around here and what an ispirational cat we got! Talk about being a survivor and dealing with adversity.

Tomorrow we'll bring her to the vet and see what to do about that leg...in the meantime it's kind of nice to hear that little meow by the screen door...


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