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I just got back from my first trip to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, Michigan. It was so much fun! Seeing all the shetland breeders again and checking out all the breeds of sheep on display. And the shopping was great -- so many vendors.
I was able to get all my fleece samples from 2006 micron tested and I learned lots of new things from the workshops I attended and other sheep and fiber people I talked to over the weekend. I bought a couple of good books so I can keep on learning more too.
Kim Nikolai and I arrived on at MFF Thursday morning and camped on the grounds of the MFF. The campsite was great, but our camping neighbors were quite the partiers so we didn't get much rest the whole weekend.
Since I was picking up my new mioget ram from Heather Ludlam, I decided to show him in the shetland show as well. He has grown a lot since I first saw him back in June at Heather's. His "rose mioget" (thanks to Theresa Gygi for telling me that) fleece has gotten really long. I was so happy to find out that he is a very mellow, friendly ram too.
It was my first time in the show ring and fortunately he was pretty well halter trained by the Ludlam children who showed him in late June. I wasn't sure what exactly to do in the show ring, I tried to do what everyone else was doing. Imagine my surprise when he won first place in the large ram lamb class! He would have done better in the Champion competition if only he would have stood up straight. He was too mellow for his own good and his handler has a lot to learn to learn about showing.
It seems that our new kitty came into heat while I was gone and she hasn't been home since yesterday. Hmmmm....I wonder if she will come back...we may have to get some healthy kitties from Kim and keep them in our barn instead.
All the sheep are present and looking good -- thanks to my guys here at home for taking care of them.


  1. Welcome back, Becky! Congratulations on your big WIN!! Not bad for your first time showing! I take it you'll be showing this gorgeous guy at Jefferson? I wouldn't want to be the judge there!!!

  2. He's beautiful Becky! What awesome fleece, and on a lamb!

  3. Congrats, Becky, on your prize-winning ram lamb! He is a lovely color.
    What a great weekend we had!



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